My granddaughter didn't want to attend public school and I was lucky enough to find Mrs. Kinnear's online classes.  It was my first time homeschooling and she was a huge help.  Thanks to her, she has done very well in school!   We are looking forward to next year.

D. Giancotti - Simi Valley, CA  2017

Last year our 6th grader took the middle school math classes; and, we were so pleased with the results, we are enrolling our 9th grader in the Algebra & History classes this year. 

K. Harrelson - Columbus, OH  2017

Our son, Caleb, thoroughly enjoyed the math classes.  Thanks Mrs. Kinnear!

J. Nix - Dumfries, VA  2014

Mrs. Kinnear's writing class was so much fun and informative.  We learned so much!

Darren, Keisha, Lana, Justin, Thomas, Elena, and William - Woodbridge, VA  2016

Shauna hated History, but after having completed MommieTeach's U.S. History course, she has developed a love for history. Go figure! Thank you Mrs. Kinnear. 

H. Matheson - Ft. Worth, TX  2017

We enrolled our boys in the Chemistry and Geometry courses and they did so well..  They absolutely loved it.

J. Stanley - Fredericksburg, VA  2017

This was Cylee's last year in school and we worried about her writing skills.  A friend referred me to MommieTeach and wow! The results were amazing. My child actually loves writing now.  Mrs. Kinnear has earned an A+ in my book!

K. Berman - Houston, TX  2017

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