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Elementary Grades 3-5

Middle School Grades 6-8

High School Grades 9-12

1630-1763  Grades: 6-8

The Colonial Period - History of the first 13 Colonies and life in the Colonial Period

King Philip's War, Bacon's Rebellion, Mayflower Compact, Marquette and Joliet, Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts Bay Colony, Benjamin Franklin, French and Indian War.


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The Boston Massacre    Grades 6-8

The Boston Massacre was a pre-revolutionary incident that occurred on March 5, 1770. 

The colonization of America and the fascinating events that led colonists and patriots down the Road to Revolution


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The 13 Colonies   Grades: 6-8

History of the Colonization of America and the original 13 Colonies

The Thirteen Colonies: The Establishment and Settlement of the 13 original colonies


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Plantations in the Colonial South: Grades 6-9

History of trade, plantations, colonialism and colonization in the 13 Colonies.  Plantations: The forced labor of slaves to harvest cotton, rice, sugar, and tobacco crops.

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American Colonial Government: Grades 6-8
There were three types or systems of government used within Colonial Government - Royal, Charter, and Proprietary.  Colonial Government in the colonies represented an extension of the English government.


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The American Revolutionary War: Grades 6-9

also known as the American War of Independence, was a global war that began as a conflict between Great Britain and it's Thirteen Colonies which declared independence as the United States of America.


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